Wedding Cake

Joelle Josefsberg and husband, David, enjoying the wedding cake Joelle created for their special day

Joelle’s Desserts is the sweet creation of Joelle Josefsberg. You’ll taste Joelle’s love for dessert-giving in a range of delightful treats — from blondies, brownies and cookies, to pies, tarts and the delectable chocolate mousse cake. Her inspired, custom-themed cakes are delicious works of art. With home-made taste from the finest ingredients, Joelle’s Desserts make any occasion extraordinary.

After college, Joelle left her first advertising job in 1993 to pursue her true passion for baking. She began as an apprentice for esteemed Brooklyn pastry chef and cake designer, Cheryl Kleinman. Joelle continued working with Cheryl while attending pastry and dessert school at Peter Kump’s Institute of Culinary Education in New York. She later moved back home to Miami, met her husband and while raising three boys, was baking and creating special treats for loved ones out of her own kitchen. Demand grew, along with Joelle’s joy for dessert-giving, inspiring her to start Joelle’s Desserts in 2005.